Illusionist Spells Part 2


Thank you so much for your feedback on part 1. I think it’s largely improved my way of thinking. Keep the feed back coming. Even if I don’t listen to your particular feedback, know that I strongly and seriously consider it. I hope I’ve shown I’m willing to edit something published if I agree. That’s the amazing thing about having it all digital, I am not bound by paper. Finally, I am when I reach the end of this series, I think I might revisit some of my ideas and further make changes and consolidate it into a single page.

Thanks again and without further blathering…

Circle 4

Circle of Well Being
Thread: 1  Weaving: 8/17
Casting: 8  Range: 20 yards
Duration: Rank rounds  Area of Effect: 2 yards
Effect: Grant recovery test in combat
This spell creates a circle on the ground simmering with light like ice on a lake. The magician must use their movement action to walk a circle on the ground 2 yards in diameter, than cast the spell. For the remainder of the spell any creature in the circle is able to use a Recovery Test to heal during combat as a Standard action. This spell is fueled by the emotions and danger of real combat, it may not be used outside of combat and simulated combat such as sparring doesn’t produce the same sense of danger or emotion.
Success Levels: Increase Duration (+2 rounds)
Extra Threads: Increase Duration (+2 rounds), Increase Effect (+1 to recovery test), Additional Target (+2 yard)

TW Comments: Circle of Well Being is probably one of the spells I’ve modified the most. I conceptually like the original ideas and I feel like it captures a specific need, but the spell doesn’t translate well to 4th edition. The original casting difficulty was 2, making extras success almost expected. It also added the result of the role to the recovery test, measured in minutes. Adding Willforce to it at circle 6 could make this a crazy powerful healing spell and messing with the downtime healing mechanics. My fear is that it could make other healing mechanics way less valuable. There are not many spells that offer healing to others and I wouldn’t want to dilute the Elementalist Grove Renewal.

Eyes Have It
Thread: 1  Weaving: 7/17
Casting: TMD Range: 60 yards
Duration: 2 rounds  
Effect: Blind target
This spell blinds a creature for 2 rounds. The magician rubs their eyelids with their fingers then he points at a target in line of sight causing them to lose their sight. The target’s eyes become a glazed, opaque milky white. The target suffers from Full Blindness penalties found in Player Guide page 387-388. The target may make a sensing test to detect and disbelieve the illusion using the rules found in the Players Guide page 266.
Success Levels: Increase Duration (+1 rounds)
Extra Threads: Increase Duration (+1 rounds)

Improved Alarm
Thread: 3  Weaving: 8/19
Casting: 8   Range: 20 yards
Duration: Rank hours Area of Effect: 4 yards
Effect: WIL+5/Create an Improved proximity Alarm
This spell creates a translucent sensor in the shape of a 20 yard dome around the target player or object. The sensor will alert the magician when a living or sentient being comes within 4 yards foot of the alarm. This alert is immediately obvious to even the most distracted or sleeping magician bringing their attention to the alarm. Compare the result of the Effect Test to the Mystic Defense of any living or sentient being that comes within 20 yards, line of sight, of the alarm. If the trespasser’s Spell Defense is the same or lower than the result of the Effect dice roll, the alarm goes off.
Success Levels: Increase Duration (+2 hours)
Extra Threads: Increase Duration (+2 hours), Increase Effect (+2 to effect test), Additional Target (+1 additional sensors)

Thread: 0  Weaving: 8/17
Casting: TMD  Range: Touch
Duration: Rank rounds  Area of Effect: 2 yards
Effect: Harries opponents
Illusion. This spell creates the illusion turning one missile fired into dozens. The magician hands the target a missile or touches the target’s missiles and makes a Spellcasting test against the wielder’s Mystic Defense. If successful, opponents who are targeted by the missiles become Harried for the spell’s duration. Any defensive Action tests made in combat against in combat are considered Sensing tests.
Success Levels: Increase Duration (+2 rounds)
Extra Threads: Increase Duration (+2 rounds)

TW Comments: This spell is quite different from the original version of the spell. It’s because of Illusory missile replaced this spell, but I felt that Giant Weapon is a cool concept but how could we let the archers in on the action too? Give them the ability to pick targets to make Harried would add more tactical interest to different situations. I thought because doing this at range changes the target dynamics quite a bit, so I made the spell generally weaker to compensate.

Circle 5

TW Comments: Improved Karma. I don’t think messing with the karma system due to the changes is the best idea. I am choosing to skip this spell update. Noble Manner feels a bit dated and is achievable by other spells and powers.

Pleasant Visions
Thread: 1   Weaving: 9/18
Casting: TMD   Range: 60 yards
Duration: Rank + 3 minutes Area of Effect: 5 yards
Effect: Pleasant visions prevent action
Illusion. This spell sends pleasant and distracting images to the target’s mind. The magician recalls a sentimental memory while forming the spell and makes a Spellcasting test against the highest Mystic Defense of the targets. If successful, the targets fall into a daze enthralled by their own fantasy. Enthralled targets may only make sensing test to detect the illusion. A character that suffer harm suffer harm is snapped back to reality.
Success Levels: Increase Duration (+2 minutes)
Extra Threads: Increase Duration (+2 minutes), Additional Target (+2 yard)

Wall of Unfire
Thread: 1  Weaving: 7/15
Casting: 7  Range: 60 yards
Duration: Rank rounds  Area of Effect: 4 yards
Effect: WIL+8/Create a wall of illusory flame.
Illusion. This spell creates an illusory wall of fire that’s 4 yards wide and 1 foot thick. The magician makes crackling, hissing noises like a roaring fire then makes a Spellcasting test. If successful, the magician creates the wall of flame within 60 yards of them oriented any direction. If a creature moves though the wall the magician rolls the WIL+8 after damage roll.
Success Levels: Increase Duration (+2 rounds)
Extra Threads: Increase Duration (+2 rounds), Increase Effect (+1 to Effect)

Circle 6

TW Comments: I’m extremely underwhelmed with the Circle 6 spells in Earthdawn 1st edition. I almost skipped this whole circle, but somewhat obligated to do some, even if I don’t think my players would use them.

Bouncing Blaster
Thread: 4 (ritual; see text) Weaving: 9/20
Casting: TMD  Range: Touch
Duration: Rank + 3 days  Area of Effect: 35 yards
Effect: WIL+8/Plant magical mines
This spell plants hidden, explosive blaster under the ground that explode when a creature is within 2 yards of them. The magician spends 10 minuets walking and planting a Spellcasting rank number of blasters in the ground within a 35 yard square. When a creature gets within 2 yards of the blaster make a Spellcasting test. If successful, the blaster shoots 3 yards into the air and explodes. Roll Effect dice for damage to everything within 7 yards of the launch point. Mystic armor protects from the damage of Bouncing Blaster.
Success Levels: Increase Duration (+1 day)
Extra Threads: None

TW Comments: I’m not sure how I feel about this spell. I don’t imagine this spell will be used in combat but outside combat with something like Alarm or Improved Alarm. I imagine players will use it as a campsite protection spell. If using it in a forest, I imagine it would spring quite often, so it’s seems rather niche.

TW Comments: Dancing Disks. I get the point of this spell but I feel like it’s kinda sill for the circle and cost. It really feels like it needs minis to have creatures walk though and have them be turned about. Because of this I would cut this spell from any spell list. I wasn’t sold in Bouncing Blasters, but still updated it.

TW Comments: Spotlight. A light spell at this level with no particular interesting effect. No thank you. Skip.

Circle 7

False Enchantment
Thread: 5 (ritual; see text)  Weaving: 8/20
Casting: TMD Range: Touch
Duration: Rank + 7 days 
Effect: WIL/+2/Imbue an item with false magical power
Illusion. This spell uses illusory magic to give the false impression that the object is magical. The magician spends at least 10 minutes weaving magical and astral energy in the object than makes a Spellcasting test. The Effect test is used set the maximum “Mystic Defense” for Item History checks, but the magician may set the value up to their roll number. If the Item History check succeeds against the Item’s Mystic Defense but doesn’t exceed the Sensing Difficulty, the target obtains the false information planted by the magician.

A magician can use blood magic to extend the duration of this spell to a year and a day by taking 2 points of permanent damage.
Success Levels: Increase Duration (+2 days)
Extra Threads: Increase Duration (+2 days)

TW Comments: I struggled to update False Enchantment. If feel like there is more work I want to put into this idea in the future. I love the idea of adding more ritual magic into Earthdawn. I love the idea of adding more blood magic too.

Circle 8

Astral Nightmare
Thread: 2   Weaving: 12/21
Casting: TMD   Range: 25 yards
Duration: Rank +3 minutes  Area of Effect: 2 yards
Effect: WIL+10/Deceive target into believing he has been transported to astral space.
Illusion. The magician concentrates on conjuring up memories and imaginings of astral space. This spell takes those thoughts from the magician and overwhelms a targets senses capturing them in the nightmare. If the Spellcasting Test is successful, the character believes they have been transported to the astral space. The magician controls the illusion, but the control requires concentration. If the magician ceases concentrating, the illusion fades in a single round. Any effects or creatures that the magician conjures up act using the Effect step of Astral Nightmare. The magician may reduce the Effect Step to simulate smaller/weaker effects or creatures.
Success Levels: Increase Duration (+2 rounds)
Extra Threads: Increase Duration (+2 rounds), Increase Effect (+1 to Effect test), Additional Target (+2 yard)

TW Comments: Leaping Lizards. I think this really needs to be reworked and I’m not quite sure how to tackle it. There isn’t enough information other than the creatures attribute step numbers are equal the results on a (WIL+7 w/ optional Willforce roll). The potential average step values for that seem way off balance. I feel like there might be a way to creating an illusion creature the caster has seen before with a value up to Effect result Mystic Defense. I’m not totally sure how much I like that idea… but it’s a starting point.

Massive Missiles
Thread: 1  Weaving: 12/21
Casting: TMD  Range: 250 yards
Duration: Rank + 3 rounds 
Effect: WIL+12 / Bonus to Missile or Throwing Weapon damage
This spell allows the target to substitute the damage of a missile or thrown weapon with the Effect results. The magician must touch projectiles or a container of projectiles while repeating an incantation. The magician cast the spell against the highest Mystic Defense of the affected targets. The magician imbues illusory power that causes the shimmering blue aura around the projectile when launched; casing it to expand and grow in the air. The father it travels the larger it appears to be in size. If successful, the Effect test result may replace the damage roll of a missile or throwing weapon.
Success Levels: Increase Duration (+2 rounds)
Extra Threads: Increase Duration (+2 rounds), Increase Effect (+1 to Effect test)

Wrap Up

As I am finishing this first 8 circles of Illusion spells, I am starting to see some issues with doing this in a blog. I think I am going to keep working on it and try to get some content on a regular basis, but this is just my first stab at it. I don’t think this will be the final format and the final versions of the spell. I think I might move some of the blog posts to a single static page once I’m further along, to archival purposes. I don’t think scrolling though blog post is the ideal format but it’s a nice way for motivating me to put something out on a regular schedule.

If anyone is interested in helping me with this pursuit, please let me know.

Thanks as always,
Traveling Wizard

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