Earthdawn 4th Edition Character Sheet – Fillible

This is a fallible version of the Earthdawn 4th Edition Character Sheet as presented in the book. If you are creating an Earthdawn character I strongly recommend you check out the program Steps (Desktop Edition). Steps will help you manager your character, calculate the all the values and check you are making your character correctly.

The thing I like about this the sheet in the Players Guide is that its printer friendly. There are other character sheets but they are in full colour, as in every page has a non-white background. This makes printing costly, harder to read and generally, for me, undesirable.

To me there is only one real answer, use Steps. However, at this point in time Steps doesn’t print correctly. There have been suggested hacks such as taking screenshots and printing those screen shots. They work. However, not optimal. If you think you can solve this printing problem, please reach out to me.

Steps Links


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