Charred – Character Creation

I want to draw people’s attention to a cool project I have just learned about, called Charred. It’s an online character burner for Burning Wheel that’s goal is to help you create a character faster and easier.

The character is what a player uses to interact with a RPG session, setting and the mechanics of the game so I always look at the character sheet for any new game I’m going to play. It can tell you a lot about what expect and really good character sheets tell give you clues in how to play the game. Often players don’t read the rules for the game being ran, so these prompts can make the difference between liking and hating a game system.

I am a huge Burning Wheel fan, I have the 2nd edition character burner and the adventure burner and I also own the Gold edition with it’s Codex. The burning wheel mechanics and how the game plays is somewhat complex, but ultimately not super bad. Lifepath systems are not terribly complex, I’ve played Battletech Classic RPG that did lifepaths. However, Burning Wheel has so many options and much there are no places to document it, it makes the process daunting. Until I found Charred I never wanted to subject a group of players to this long process.

I’ve never run Burning Wheel but I might now. Honestly, thank you to whom every you are that created this, massive kudos. If you happen to read this reach out to me.

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